As part of the process of reconstructing society in the wake of wars and violent conflicts, artasfoundation initiates art projects and accompanies their realisation. In doing so, it relies on long-term cooperation with local cultural practitioners and usually also involves artists from privileged contexts in order to facilitate cross-border personal encounters and cooperation in regions of crisis.

artasfoundation explores ways in which diplomatic conciliation processes and peacebuilding mediation can be supported by specific artistic interventions.

artasfoundation networks people and organisations that are involved in peacebuilding and conflict mediation by means of art. It studies this field of activity and also reflects on its own practical work.

Title Location Year
Tskaltubo Hot Pots Tskaltubo 2016
Complaints Choir Georgia 2014
Art at Risk – Conference 2020 Zurich 2020
Connecting Spaces Sukhum/i 2014
off/line Zemo Nikozi 2016–2019
On our own account Zurich 2011-2020
Swiss Initiative Genf, London 2020-2021
Tskaltubo Art Festival Tskaltubo 2013-2020
Art Camp Khurvaleti, Shavshvebi, Zemo Nikozi 2012, 2014, 2015
CH-Mission Geneva 2013
International Choir Armenia/Abkhazia 2017–2019
Teacher’s Studio Ochamchyra, Ochamchyra, Gal/i 2015, 2016, 2016
Art Matters Sukhum/i - Zürich, Armenia - Switzerland 2018, 2019
Art Semester Zurich, Basel 2015, 2016
SKLAD Sukhum/i *Abchasien 2017-2019
Conversation Pieces Sukhum/i, Berlin 2016
CAS Arts and International Cooperation Zurich 2017-2022
Art Cham Armenia 2018
Lela Abkhasia 2014
Art in Conflict – Conference 2015 Zurich 2015
Art in Dialogue Geneva 2012–2014
Bring Your Own Chair Zugdidi 2012, 2013
Curator’s Initiative Sukhum/i, Switzerland 2015-2016
Davai Sukhum/i* 2016
Residency Link Zurich/Tbilisi 2013-2018
30. April Tbilisi, Georgien 2011