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Jour Fixe – Art in Conflict

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Photo: Evan Ruetsch

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Photo: Theresa Ackermann

The Center for Art and Peacebuilding (CAP) – a joint initiative of artasfoundation and Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) – invites you to its monthly event series, Jour Fixe – Art in Conflict. Each session begins with a question, explored through an introductory lecture offering insights into the intersection of art and peacebuilding. This sets the stage for discussions among participants, including international experts or the authors of the texts.
Jour Fixe – Art in Conflict serves as a platform for practitioners and students alike, engaging with various aspects of art and peacebuilding. For a deeper understanding of how we interpret “peacebuilding” at CAP, please refer to the “Background” section on the CAP website.
Starting from autumn 2024, we are excited to announce a partnership with the theatre Gessnerallee for our event series. For the latest programme updates, please visit News.

Place and Year
Zurich and online, since 2023

Project Management and Programming
Mara Züst (artasfoundation)
Bettina Ganz (ZHdK)

Partner Organisations
Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), International Dossier

Previous Guests
The artasfoundation team, Bojana Cvejić and Ana Vujanović, Karin Griese (medica mondiale), Dana Landau, Rada Leu and Jörg Scheller, Meinrad Schade, Alison Phipps and Tawona Ganyamatopé Sitholé, Tim Zulauf