artasfoundation, the Swiss foundation for art in conflict regions, initiates its own art projects, accompanies their realization and studies how providing room for art can promote conflict mediation and peace-building. It is an independent, politically unaffiliated, active foundation. Financed by private contributions, it was established in 2011. The foundation

As part of the process of reconstructing society in the wake wars and violent conflicts, artasfoundation initiates art projects and accompanies their realisation. Art and peace-building

artasfoundation explores ways in which diplomatic conciliation processes and peacebuilding mediation can be supported by specific artistic interventions. Art and peace-mediation

artasfoundation networks people and organisations that are involved in peacebuilding and conflict mediation by means of art. It studies this field of activity and also reflects on its own practical work. Research and Networking

artasfoundation is a recognised Swiss charitable trust, monitored by the Federal Authority for Foundations. The foundation enjoys the trust of public institutions and its work is financed by various granting foundations and interested individuals. We invite you to support artasfoundation as friend or sponsor, optionally within the context of a particular project.

We appreciate any support you may be able to give. No contribution is too small, each is valuable and welcome. Donate