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Ukraine Music Residency

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Photo: Julien Fehlmann

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Video: Dagmar Reichert

Video: Julien Fehlmann

The project Ukraine Music Residency aimed to support the music education of a group of young musicians who fled their homes following the Russian invasion of February 2022. It afforded 16 musicians to resume their music education and rehearse in preparation for concerts that would soon be offered to them in Switzerland. During the residency, the young musicians discovered the Swiss jazz landscape, worked on their improvisation skills, learned some Swiss jazz compositions written especially for them, and found out how digital tools can be used in music. Among notable events were the shows they played in Basel at Gare du Nord and with the Jugendjazzorchester, and in Bern at the Menuhin Forum and at the International Jazz Festival. The project also highlighted the generosity of local musicians, with many people and institutions giving time and access to their infrastructure.

Place and year
Bern, 2022

Vladislav Buhkonin, Sofiia Chernysh, Yuri Gorobnyak, Katerina Hut, Artem Matwiichyk, Andrii Melnyk, Nazar Mykituk, Andrii Rusnak, Liza Safarians, Vladyslav Shachkovskyi, Anastasiia Surova, Diana Pryimachyk, Artem Hrinkevych, Olga Chorna, Jana Sivko, and Kristina Lihachova (band manager)

Fanny Anderegg, Lucien Dubuis, Arthur Henry, Nicole Johänntgen, Vincent Membrez, Manuel Schwab, and Alain Tissot

Project management
Julien Fehlmann (artasfoundation)
Stefanie Schüpbach (artasfoundation)
Irina Frenkel (band manager and producer in Ukraine)

Partner organisation
Swiss Jazz School

Financial support
Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation
Private donors