Art and peace-mediation

Swiss Initiative

Swiss Initiative

Photo: Andrea Aebi

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How can diplomatic conflict mediation be supported by art? After first steps in pursuing this question (Art in Dialogue), artasfoundation was able to persuade Swiss diplomats to pursue it together. To this end, the Swiss Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Alexandre Fasel, invited 14 people from the field of art and conflict mediation to a colloquium Art in Mediation in his residence in June 2015. Due to the lively exchange of ideas, both sides recommended a more in-depth exploration of the opportunities for cooperation. After his appointment as Ambassador in London, Alexandre Fasel continued it in the form of several rounds of talks with artists and peacebuilding experts, and then announced a one-year research grant in 2019 for concentrated work on this question. artasfoundation was able to accompany this process and is now active in cooperating in the ongoing research process.

Place and year
Geneva and London, since 2015

Project management
Dagmar Reichert (artasfoundation)

Partner organisation
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss Confederation