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Due to the corona virus the date of the next Jour Fixe is uncertain. It will be communicated here and via e-mail on time.

artasfoundation invites you to its regular meeting Jour Fixe every 3rd Wednesday of the month in order to discuss ongoing projects as well as answer questions raised by the work or relevant political developments.

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From the current Newsletter

Dear friends of artasfoundation

What an autumn! In the Caucasus region, artasfoundation has been realising four projects simultaneously, two new project managers have joined us, while there is another turnover of staff in the office. Božena Čivić, who has taken care of our administration over the past two years with prudence and a keen sense of cultural differences, is handing her tasks over to Sandra Suter. Thanks to her previous work, running the office of the dramaturgy department at the Schauspielhaus Zurich, Sandra is perfectly suited for a dynamic cultural institution. We look forward to working with her. We thank Božena Čivić for her great commitment!

I also joined the artasfoundation team myself at the beginning of September. My first trip took me to Tsklatubo, where I accompanied the director Ron Rosenberg as a dramaturge. Back in Zurich, I want to focus on fundraising, which seems to be a terrible burden for many artists, but for me it is actually a passion. The people I talk to are smart, cosmopolitan and responsible. Through skill, ability and luck, they have more than enough and to spare. With their wealth they want to do something meaningful and support others who are less fortunate and who have fewer opportunities. I have inspiring conversations with them about the challenges of today’s world, which can only be mastered through joint commitment. For me, fundraising is not a laborious ‘begging tour’ but a work of a cultural, political, philosophical and humanitarian persuasion. Every Swiss Franc invested in a cultural project by artasfoundation is a meaningful investment. It is the thriving of the central values of culture, such as solidarity, empathy, tolerance and beauty, which decides whether the world will be worth living in for future generations.

Barbara Ellenberger and the artasfoundation team,
Dagmar Reichert, Božena Čivić, Anna Fatyanova, Sandra Frimmel, Olivia Jaques, Evan Ruetsch, Sandra Suter

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