For the period between 23.4. and 8.5.2016, the Swiss artists Augustin Rebetez and Dimitri Procofieff, and the Swiss curator Marianne Burki travelled to Sukhum/i and presented their work in the art space SKAD there. Marianne Burki gave a lecture about contemporary projects of internet art and lead a workshop on art in public space. The two Swiss artists invited twelve young colleagues from Gal/i, Sukhum/i and Gudauta to join them for a workshop in Tquarcheli/Tquarchal. Together, they drew, painted, took photos, built sculptures, various objects and masks. In these activities, the participants could try out many new techniques. At the end of the week, they decided spontaneously to present the works in an exhibition in SKLAD in Sukhum/i. A success! "Davai!", Russian for "Let's go!" No need to say this twice!


Responsible für artasfoundation: Dagmar Reichert

Artistic direction: Augustin Rebetez

Local logistics and translations: Daria Zavodskaia

SDC Cooperation office for the Southern Caucasus


We specially thank:

The team of SKLAD, Asida Butba and Tanja Ergunova, and all the young artists who took part in the workshop and exhibition!