CAS Arts and International Cooperation

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Art and International Cooperation

How can art contribute to social transformation? What expert knowledge do organisors and artists need for artistic collaboration in fragile contexts and conflict regions?

Based on these questions, artasfoundation developed together with the Zurich University of the Arts the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Arts and International Cooperation. The courses of this CAS will be thought be experienced practicioners and researchers. Some of these experts we first met at our conference in May 2015.

The CAS is extra occupational, consists of four modules and starts in February 2017. The training is designed for members of internationally cooperating organizations working in fragile contexts, who wish to professionalize their approach to artistic projects, experienced artists (visual arts, performing arts) and curators who wish to further develop their understanding of strategies and theories of international collaboration and for artists, curators, or organizers living in fragile contexts or situations of social transformation who wish to involve international partners in their projects.

The training focuses on practices and theories from the fields of contemporary art, international cooperation and humanitarian work. And it would not be an artasfoundation training, if there were not artists to co-teach the courses and launch experimental approaches to the subject.

Announcement on the website of the Zurich University of the Arts:

Zurich University of the Artas, Center of Further Education