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30. April • Tbilisi • Georgia

It was our first visit in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our aim was to establish contacts with local artists and humanitarian organisations and to begin – after all we had read about it – to get to know the country. But we did not only want to see and take from others, we also wanted to present something. So we set up an exhibition of the Swiss artist Cat Tuong Nguyen and invited our Georgian hosts. In this way we could show our way of working and offered a concrete starting point for further meetings and conversations.

PDF of the invitation in English
PDF of the invitation in Georgian

Cat Tuong Nguyen, born on 7.11.1969 in Ban Me Thuot, Vietnam, lives and works in Zürich. His photographic works, installations and video-works have been shown in solo- and group exhibitions in Switzerland, Israel, USA, or Germany and received international awards.

In the exhibition „Dreissigster April“ Cat Tuong Nguyen assembles personal documents, family-photographs, official papers and own photographic works. In their constellation one may catch an idea of his family’s story as refugees from the war in Vietnam settling in foreign Switzerland. The artist dedicates this work to his deceased brother.

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