Different Formats for Exchange

We expect approx. 150 participants at the conference, a mix of artists and persons working in internationally active organisations. To permit intensive discussion and exchange, we offer several small-group formats instead of a programme of generally one-way lectures.

Table-Presentations (Talking face to face)

The format of Table Presentations provides a structure for informal project presentations and networking. Eighteen artists, organizers of art initiatives, or representatives of organisations are invited to set up presentations of their work on separate tables (with images and documentary material). Conference participants can “browse” through these presentations and “book” time at specific tables (the booking is organised by the conference team), in order to sit with a specific artist/organizer for a limited time slot of 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes, individual discussions can take place and specific questions can be asked. Afterwards the participants will switch to the next presenters they have signed up for, or they can go on to look at the other tables with informational material. On the first day of the conference there will be a session with four such time slots for face-to-face meetings.


The workshop format serves to deepen participant’s knowledge about core issues related to the conference topics. Each workshop will be open to about 25 participants and directed by a person with special expertise. This workshop leader will define the specific content and design an optimal format for the 2-hour period. To introduce the workshop topic, he/she may choose to use examples from his/her field of activity, show photos or films. The workshop leader will be accompanied by a second person for assistance. This person might connect the workshop-leader and the participants with ad-hoc questions and will also summarise the workshop at the end.

The workshop can be selected by participants upon registration via this website.

Discussion Groups

The Discussion Groups format permits an exchange of opinions about central, and often controversial questions related to the conference topics. Each discussion group will consist of about 25 participants, seated in a circle, and will be started by an input of two or three persons, possibly with very different approaches to the topic in question. These experts will define the exact focus for the conversation and initiate discussion, each with an approx. 10 minute statement or narration, which they can illustrate with examples from their own work through photos or film. In the subsequent discussion of approx. 1 to 1 ½ hrs, the participants will be invited to contribute and present their experience with the issues raised. The initiating experts will be assisted by a further person who will moderate the discussion.

The discussion groups can be selected by participants upon registration via this website.

Storytelling Sessions

The Storytelling Sessions provide the opportunity for an exchange of experience about central issues related to the conference’s topics. Each session will consist of a circle of 20 to 25 participants and be initiated by two or three persons. They will start the sharing with their own stories. Then an assisting moderator will open the floor and invite all participants to contribute to the session’s topic by sharing their own stories and experience.

The storytelling sessions can be selected by participants upon registration via his website.

Fish-Bowl Sessions

The Fish-Bowl Sessions provide a format for discussing controversial issues and questions that could be answered very differently depending on one’s particular perspective. The participants of the session will sit in two circles, an inner one of 3 or 4 chairs and an outer circle of approx. 20 chairs. At the beginning, two or three previously assigned persons will sit in the inner circle and discuss the given questions. The persons on the outer circle will listen to their conversation. They will benefit from the fact that an outsider can perceive things that are not be heard or seen by those involved in the center. Once a person from the outer circle feels that he/she can contribute to the discussion in the inner circle, he/she will join them on the empty inner seat. After that he/she may leave the space to someone else from the outside, or one of the initial discussants may pass the seat to him/her and leave. A moderator will introduce the rules and accompany the process.

The fish-bowl sessions can be selected by participants upon registration via this website.

Public Lecture and Moderated Conversations

These will take place in the forum as a whole. While most of the conference is intended for registered participants who have signed in in advance for different small-group formats, there will be a public lecture and two moderated conversations that do not require prior registration: they will be given by well-known personalities and last approx. 1 hour (speech of ca. 30 min. followed by Q&A).