ART AT RISK Conference

Creative Work in Challenging Contexts

Zurich, 27.-29.2.2020

The conference has 3 thematic cores:

1   Risks for artists: Prosecution, threats, displacement, and violence against individuals who express themselves artistically, and actions against institutions who host or support artists.

2   Risk for art: Instrumentalization of art, restrictions of artistic freedom, silencing artistic expression, censorship.

3   Art and creativity as a resource in challenging contexts, in particular: Contribution of art to a strengthening of the civil society and democracy, to countering extremism and fundamentalism, and contribution of art to peaceful conflict resolution or towards dealing with conflicts connected to climate change.

The conference addresses practitioners working – in different positions – in the field of socially engaged art, art in challenging contexts, or art & conflict transformation. Thereby, it brings together practicing artists as well as representatives of organisations, who commission or accompany such art initiatives. Staff from the Swiss Foreign Ministry (SDC and other sections), from Pro Helvetia and – due to the location at the Art University – docents or students are specially invited.

The conference is public, upon prior registration via this website. It expects approx. 150 participants, about half of them from countries other than Switzerland.

There is catering for all participants (lunch, dinner, coffee-breaks). Its costs are included in an obligatory registration fee (CHF 150.-).

The conference language is English.