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The role of art in processes of social transformation, in peace building and the potential to  empower those affected by war through art have attracted growing interest recently. Hence a broad spectrum of strategies to work with art in regions of conflict or in fragile contexts has evolved. These strategies combine skills from different fields, such as development cooperation, culture management, artistic production and humanitarian work. These experiences have generated valuable knowledge about “good practices” but also about failing approaches and unexpected problems when working with art in such contexts.

The forum’s objective is to connect experts and practitioners with different backgrounds (arts, development cooperation, research) in order to foster exchange about these trans-disciplinary practices and generate experience-based knowledge. Through bilateral discussions, group work on specific questions and collective feedback sessions, the participants are invited to share and reflect on their experiences and that of others. With a focus on conflict-affected contexts, the forum allows exploring artistic strategies and specific forms of collaboration, and analysing them in relation with the motivations and interests of artists and international agencies who work in such contexts. A report on the discussions and their results will be published.


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