The staff conducts the operational work on behalf of the board. The staff is responsible for fundraising, develops the projects of the foundation efficiently and in correspondance to the financial means and is responsible for the annual narrative and financial reports to the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board of Foundations.


You may contact us during our regular offices houers:
Monday - Tuesday   9:00-12:00     
Wednesday   9:00-17:00

Dagmar Reichert

Delegate of the board and Executive Director
Dagmar Reichert is a cultural geographer, consultant, lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts

Olivia Jaques
project management
Olivia Jaques is an artist and cultural producer, works in Zurich and Vienna.



Božena Čivić
office management and accounting
Božena Čivić is a cultural producer and costumdesigner for theater and film.

Evan Ruetsch
office management assistant

Evan Ruetsch is photojournalist and artist



Grafik Design

Atelier Landolt/ Pfister,

Grafik Design


Anna Frei
Concept Design and Webpage




Bänziger Hug,


Christian Fürholz