Tskaltubo Art Festival

Tskaltubo Art Festival 2016 • Tskaltubo • Georgia

Tskaltubo Art Festival 2016

16. – 18.9. 2016

collaborative Workshops: 4.9. – 15.9. 2016


The festival program is developed in several workshops taking place prior to the festival in September. Artists from Switzerland, Germany and Georgia are collaborating with local art, dance and music initiatives from Tskaltubo and collectively produce new works. The process of production and exchange can be perceived as a durational performance which is opened up for sharing with the public in the three days of the festival program.


The workshop program encompasses amongst others a contemporary dance workshop by „Cie. Zeitsprung“ dancers Meret Schlegel and Kilian Haselbeck (Zurich); a cultural youth club, developed in collaboration of local young people and the Zurich based performance collective „neue Dringlichkeit“ and a folk music workshop with the local folklore youth band conducted by Swiss folk ensemble „Nidwalder Huismuisig“ (Lucerne).


The Archive Project

Titled “Sources” a part of the program this year is dedicated to a thematic focus: we invite to think about the notion of the archive. Tskaltubo has a rich history: on one hand as a famous spa resort and on the other hand as a place where questions of identity and belonging are very present. With a look into the formal and informal archives, collective and individual memories, museums and photo albums we like to invite us all to question our view of the past, to create a fertile confusion and to facilitate a diverse discourse about the future.

local project coordinator
Lali Grigolava 

project team Tskaltubo

Kristi Kutateladze, Marika Goderidze, Mamuka Chkhetiani, Marina Kvernadze, Avto Jibuti, Nano Managadze, Maia Nioradze, Nini Tsakhaia, Khatia Jishkariani, Marta Todua, Shorena Ketsbaia

artistic directors
Irine Jorjadze, Maja Leo

Refugee Women’s Union of Tskaltubo
Lali Grigolava

Culture and Management Lab
Tamara Janashia

SDC Cooperation office for the Southern Caucasus

Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia

Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation

Pro Helvetia