Tskaltubo Art Festival

Resort to Art II • Tskaltubo • Georgia

In cooperation with a local NGO artasfoundation organizes Tskaltubo Art Festival from September 5 to 7, 2014. Tskaltubo is a former thermal resort in the province of Imereti. In Sovjet times, Tskaltubo was famous for its Radon springs. Today it hosts about 4'500 fugitives of Abkaz origins, many of whom have been living in the former sanatoriums under improvised conditions for twenty years.

Tskaltubo Art Festival is being prepared by the project Resort to Art - in allusion to using art for spiritual survival as well as to turning a former tourist resort into a cultural center. The festival provides the framework for an exchange between local, national and international artists, dancers and musicians. Presentations prepared in collaborative workshops with Tskaltubo dance ensembles, choirs, music and art schools contribute to the festival stage and exhibition program. In the year 2013 up to 300 inhabitants participated in preparing the festival on stage or behind the scenes and the 28 events reached an audience of around 600 from the neighborhood of Tskaltubo.

In 2014 the project continues. To assist in creating opportunities for the local IDP families - to experiment creatively and to be perceived in their competence by the larger community - remains our goal. It is an opportunity for them to participate in the further development of Tskaltubo. The festival contributes to the reestablishment of the place as a tourist destination. It also encourages cultural activity outside the dominant capital and connects the region with current developments in Tbilisi and foreign countries.

Refugee Women’s Union of Tskaltubo (Tskaltubo, Georgia)
(Lali Grigolava und Nino Kvaratskhelia, l.grigolava@mail.ru)

SDC Cooperation office for the Southern Caucasus


Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation