Theater Neumarkt 2016


Art Initiatives in Regions of Conflict

in the context of the festival: „How Artists Approach War“
at Theater Neumarkt (Neumarkt 5, 8001 Zürich)
Sunday, 13th of March 2016
17:00 to 19:00 (afterwards bar&borscht)

A little more than 5 years ago, artasfoundation, the Swiss Foundation for Art in Regions of Conflict, was founded with an event at Theater Neumarkt. What has happened since then? In addition to short insights into projects and experiences, especially from the South Caucasus, important advisors of artasfoundation report on their activities. It's this time especially about Russia and Syria beside the South Caucasus.

The Swiss diplomat and Eastern Europe specialist Heidi Tagliavini  campaigned long before her commitment in the Ukrainian conflict for art as a bridge between cultures: amongst others, in 1990 with Jean Tinguely in Moscow. Why should art in conflict situations be important? Heidi Tagliavini discusses this question with the Basel-based artists Muda Mathis and Sus Zwick, who show their new video "Die verschlungenen Wege nach Sachalin" they did on a trip to Russia.

Numerous art initiatives react to the war in Syria, including those of Syrian and Lebanese artists who are now working in Beirut. The Lebanese theatre-maker Hanane Hajj Ali knows what "art in regions of conflict" means. Throughout the "civil"-war (1975 - 1990) she continued  the "Théatre de Beyrouth" with her colleagues. She reports at Neumarkt on this, as well as on "Create Syria", a recent initiative by Syrian artists supported by Hanane Hajj Ali in cooperation with artasfoundation. Her conversation partner is the Syrian musician and composer Hassan Taha. He lives since 2010 in Bern and currently can not return to Damascus. But he's still in contact with his Syrian fellow musicians there.

Following the event, visitors can meet the participants and the artasfoundation staff members personally at bar & borscht.

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Free admission for "friends of artasfoundation"  (no ticket booking required).