off/line 2016: What can art do in Zemo Nikozi?

In 2016, the project off/line took place in collaboration with 11 artists from Switzerland and Germany and 11 artists from Georgia. Their work processes lead into various directions, many remained explicitly open in their outcomes. artasfoundation’s aim was to foster the encounter and the artistic exchange, as well as to facilitate new impulses in the village life. Most of the artists worked collaboratively or went into individual perspectives of the residents. Daily discussions about the processes took place during in a local workshop space. The working stay concluded with a public presentation at the local school and the former cultural house of the village, and a joint feast.


Participating artists:

Linda Pfenninger, Nino Megrelishvili, Till Wittwer, Tornike Gabedava, Marc Horler, David Kukhalashvili, Benjamin Egger, Philip Michael Matesic, Levan Shvelidze, Sara Grütter, Naili Vakhania, Nuca Esebua, Deirdre O'Leary, Lea Rüegg, Mariam Aghdgomelashvili, Mari Panculaia, Olivia Jaques, Luiza Laperadze, Tamar Botchorishvili, Sabine Schlatter, Inga Shalvashvili, Nora Longatti


Martha Todua, Elene Maisuradze



* artasfoundation would like to underline that its use of names and titles particularly with regard to the conflict regions should not be construed as implying any form of recognition or non-recognition by the foundation or as having any other political connotation whatsoever.

Local project coordinator: Lali Pertenava

SDC Cooperation office for the Southern Caucasus