Kino im Kunstmuseum Bern, 2014

Info-Event of the artasfoundation and Filmscreening

Sunday, June 29, 2014, 11 am, Kino at the Museum of Fine Arts Bern

Moderated by Nicola von Greyerz

The artasfoundation is a foundation, which campaigns for the reconstructions after wars and for the development of a civil society. Thereby art is the fundament of their work. At the information evening they will present their current art projects in the Southcaucasus and inform about their first research in Sri Lanka. Questions concerning the participating artists will be discussed in a plenum.

Subsequently the presentation of the film "The Machine which Makes Everything Disappear" will follow. The film tells in a performative casting-scenario about the dreams and schemes of Georgian children, young women and men.

Title: The Machine which Makes Everything Disappear
Script and direction: Tinatin Gurchiani
Country of production: Georgia/Germany
Length: 58 min and 97 min (25fps) / 101 min (24fps)
Language: Georgian, English subtitles
Format: HD, color

Further information please find on the website of artasfoundation and on

Caption: The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear, 2012
img/projects/MachineWhichMakes/The Machine_main still.JPG

Kino im Kunstmuseum, Bern