Art Matters

Art Matters 2019

In the second year of the "Art Matters" project, students from the Art Education department of the Armenian State Pedagogical University and the Zurich University of the Arts collaborate and exchange ideas - in spring 2019 in Yerevan, in late summer 2019 in Zurich/Bülach.

A total of 11 people from Zurich (students and lecturers) meet 11 people in Yerevan and start an intensive two-week collaboration.  
In Yerevan, four mixed student groups are formed in the first week. Each group consists of four students, who develop a teaching concept together. Together they explore the city, but above all the art classes at various schools (primary schools, an afternoon/art school, art college, Armenian State Pedagogical University).
In the second week, the teaching concepts prepared by the student groups are put into practice at various schools: the students teach in teams at a primary school in the centre of Yerevan, at one in the periphery and at an afternoon/art school.
The students and lecturers are supported and accompanied in their exchange by translators: Three translators constantly accompany the group, plus three additional translators, who are prospective English teachers (students of the Armenian State Pedagogical University) and use the project for an internship and learn from their more experienced colleagues.
Discussions take place daily in the large group and between the lecturers; they follow, share, condense the constant learning process. Different pedagogical and artistic approaches become apparent between the institutions, between the individual lecturers and between the schools attended.
Special highlights of the stay in Yerevan are the visit to the NCA Henrik Igityan Children's art gallery and excursions to the pre-Christian cult site of Garni (Garni pagan temple), to the Geghard monastery and to the carpet exhibition/weaving mill "Megerian Carpet".  
The discussion of Jacques Rancière's text "The ignorant schoolmaster“ at the ICA, the Institute for Contemporary Art, with Nazareth Karoyan and the guest of honour, Serob Khachatryan, will certainly remain in memory.

Impressions of the students and lecturers can be found on the following blog:

Lecturers: Anne Gruber, David Hovhannisyan, Olivia Jaques, Dagmar Reichert, Sevada Sargsyan, Shoghakat MLKE - Galstyan

Students: Arevik Vardanyan, Astghik Kirakosyan, Bastian Riesen, Elisa Hüttner, Estella Sahakyan, Fabio Melone, Hripsime Kirakosyan, Janina Müller, Jean-David Jamet, Lysanne Stroomer, Marine Galstyan, Nicole Salvalaggio, Raya Eghiazaryan, Sevada Sargsyan, Simon Mauchle, Yervand Grigoryan

Davit Karyan, Liza Petrosyan, Mare Babayan, Naira Iritsyan, Nare Khandamiryan, Sona Sargsyan, Stella Loretsyan