Art Matters

Art Matters 2018

During the first year of the project "Art Matters", an exchange took place between students of Art Education at the Zurich University of Arts (ZHdK) and art students of the University and the Art College in Sukhum/i.

As a first step, fifteen people from Switzerland (professors and students) travelled to the city in Abkhazia* for two weeks in April 2018. Guided by their local colleagues, the group visited two institutions for the training of art teachers during the first week. Together with the students from Sukhum/i, they formed four working groups that each prepared specific subjects and materials for classes in school.

During the second week, each of the groups was able to sit in on school classes in one of four schools in the city and also teach some classes themselves. In their work, the groups were supported by language students from Sukhum/I, acting as translators. During the whole visit, the work and cooperation was reflected upon and discussed in daily meetings. Overall, it showed to be an intense and amicable cooperation. Everyone involved was able to learn a lot from the challenges of coordinating across different languages and cultural backgrounds and from the encounter of different pedagogical traditions of teaching art.


The second part of the project was taking place in Zurich in September 2018. Again, the first week was dedicated to an orientation in the local school system in Switzerland (this time, the field of museum education will be included) and to the preparation of school classes in mixed working groups. During the second week, the groups were leading school classes for students of the Kantonsschule Bülach.


Some of the participating students and professors created a blog to share their experiences:



Aida Adzhba, Timyr Akhuba, Kama Arshba, Daniela Ashuba, Janset Aruttaa, Salima Bartsyts, Arsoy Berzenia, Amra Chichibaia, Anika Erbach, Tereza Glazova, Anna Gogoli, Anna-Pia Rauch, Denys Shantar, Doris Signer, Claudia Siragna, Muriel Steiner, Zita Strübi, Nora Vetterli.


For the ZHdK:

Heinrich Lüber, Peter Truniger



Amiran Adleba, Lasha Gabelia, Maktina Gogia, Priska Senn, Susanne Wintsch.


Further input and support from:

Monika Aerne, Gabriela Blumer Kamp, Claudia Caprez, Renate Clematide, Tanja Dorigo, Andrea Frei, Selina Frölicher, Thomas Gisler, Christina Hemauer, Sibyl Kraft, Philipp Luder, Martin Meier, Thomas Mühlenbach, Esther Neff, Markus Rohner, Roland Ruess, Natalie Schmid, Christine Senne, Caroline Spicker, Maya Spuhler, Veronika Voita, Marianne Weber, Andreas Widmer.


project manager:

Dagmar Reichert, Manana Tsvizhba und Judith Villiger.



Vadim Levin, Maria Pomiansky, Christoph Ullmann.



* artasfoundation would like to underline that its use of names and titles particularly with regard to the conflict regions should not be construed as implying any form of recognition or non-recognition by the foundation or as having any other political connotation whatsoever.

Stiftung Mercator Switzerland


Zurich University Of the Arts, BA and MA in Art Education


Art College and Art Department of the University of Sukhum/i