Art Camp

Art Camp 2015 • Zemo Nikozi • Georgia

In 2015, the project Art Camp, a period of collaborative work of students of the Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and the Tbilisi State Academy of the Arts in a region of Georgia, which has been strongly affected by the war of 2008, continues in its third phase in the village of Zemo Nikozi. This village is situated right at the line of demarcation and is well known, not only or the destruction it experienced in this war, but also as a centre of apple production in Georgia.


Between 27. 9. and 11. 10. 2015, twelve students from ZHdK will meet the same number of art students from Tbilisi to stay in Zemo Nikozi in the houses of several families of the village. There they will use their position as external visitors and work in small, mixed groups to observe and conduct art interventions about the local situation and the people who live in this region. In using various art-media and techniques, explorative, process oriented proceeding is given preference over finished products.


The aims of the project concern, on the one hand, the place and the local population, on the other hand and for the students, the structures of collaborations and encounters with foreign cultures. They are:

  • Creating opportunities for respectful encounter and a mutual interest between the visiting students and the inhabitants of the village;
  • Using new encounters, collaboration for artistic work, or presentations to bring fresh impulses and diversion to the everyday life of the villagers;
  • Finding and addressing core issues and concerns of the village population by means of art;
  • Reflecting the meaningfulness and chances of an artistic work, which does not want to be "humanitarian aid", in regions affected by war;
  • Experiencing collaborations between artists, who come - at least in part - from different understandings and different traditions of art.


Again this project was accompanied by the NGO "Biliki" aus Gori (run by Marika Mgrebishvili), by the Zurich University of the Arts teachers Franziska Koch and Dagmar Reichert, and by teachers from Tbilisi.

Society Biliki, Gori

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

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