Margit Wästfelt

Austrian diplomat


Margit Wästfelt, born 1948 in Graz, Austria, studied law and French at the University of Graz. During high school she spent one year with the American Field Service in the USA.

She worked as assistant professor at the Institute of Civil Law at Vienna University and continued education through postgraduate studies at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy.

In 1978 she joined the Austrian diplomatic service.

First assignment as a junior diplomat was the Austrian Embassy in Paris; after returning to Vienna she was designated to the department for legal and consular affairs setting up a hotline and ameliorating the service for the public.

In 1990 she was nominated cultural counsellor at the Austrian Embassy in Moscow; in 1995 the promotion as deputy head of mission followed. Besides Russia the area of activities comprised the successor states to the Soviet Union. In 1999 she teamed up as deputy chief with the Austrian Delegation to the OSCE in Vienna; for the Austrian OSCE chairmanship in 2000 Margit Wästfelt was appointed special envoy; in 2002 she was installed as head of the  Austrian Delegation to the OSCE. Her functions also encompassed Council of Europe affairs.

In 2008 Margit Wästfelt was nominated Ambassador to Finland. She finished her diplomatic career as Alternate Secretary General of the Central European Initiative in Trieste, Italy (2013-2015).

At present she is active as a consultant in the field of  international economic relations and knowledge management.

Her publications are focussed on topics concerning the OSCE and Council of Europe.