International Choir

International Choir • Tavush 2018-19

The second round of the project started in autumn 2018 in the Armenian region of Tavush, near the border with Azerbajian. In 2018/2019, artasfoundation organizes in collaboration with the singer Franziska Welti, the musician Jean-Daniel Girod and local cultural institutions two weekly workshops (held in October 2018 / February 2019) on international folk music and a subsequent concert tour to the places of origin of the participants in summer 2019.


25 young women and men, between 12 and 17 years old, are invited to sing folk songs from different countries of the world and learn techniques of body percussion. The participants come from Dilijan, Berd, Kohkb, Bagratashan and Ayroum. The choir leaders Bela Baghramyan (Kokhb), Serine Kachathryan (Dilijan), Sona Mughdusyan (Ayroum) and Hermione Palanduzyan (Berd) attended the workshops and worked together with Franziska Welti and Jean-Daniel Girod and the young people. 


The first workshop took place from 28 October – 3 November 2018 in Dilijan. Dilijan is the capital of the Tavush region and a popular tourist hub. In addition to the workshops in singing and body percussion, film presentations and lectures on the origins of the learned songs took place in the evening.


With regard to a possible bringing together of the two choirs from Tavush and Abkhazia, the choir learned, along with the Armenian songs, the same repertoire as the Rainbow Singers the year before. These were songs from Spain, Brazil, Congo, Israel, Liberia and South Africa. The Armenian choir leaders sang various Armenian folk songs with the young people.


project coordinator: Fenja Läser

Foundation Smartpeace


Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung



Workshop leaders:


Franziska Welti

*1965 in Winterthur, singer and vocal improviser, lives and works in Winterthur and Berlin.


Jean-Daniel Girod

*1977, musician from Zurich, teaches body percussion in Zurich and at the Konservatorium Winterthur.


Project coordination Armenia:


Shoghakat Mlke-Galstian



Project partner Armenia:


Kokhb Music School

Bela Baghramyan


Community Centre Dilijan

Serine Kachathryan


Ayrum Music School / Bagratashen Music School

Sona Mughdusyan


Berd Music School

Hermine Palanduzyan



Project partner Abkhazia:


House of Culture, Gal/i

Irakli Gvilava


Music School No.1, Sukhum/i

Tamara Shanava





David Aydiyan


Stella Loretsjan





Christoph Läser