Fields of activity

artasfoundation is an operating foundation that is financed by grants and private contributions and that initiates its own projects. (It is not an awarding foundation and does not process unsollicited applications for support from other parties).

artasfoundation has its seat in Switzerland and maintains an office to establish a centre of competence for art in the context of conflict mediation and peace building.

The foundation's competence centre is active internationally and conducts projects in various geographic areas.

In selecting projects and inviting artists, the foundation is assisted by an advisory board.

There are three types of projects:

1. Art and Reconstruction

this involves art initiatives in regions that have experienced wars or other violent conflicts. They can take the form of concerts, dance or theatre performances, workshops, exhibitions, film projections in towns, villages or refugee camps. These initiatives are carried out in close collaboration with humanitarian organisations that are active in the conflict regions. Their effect should be to durably empower the local artistic actors.

The treatment of traumas through medical art-therapeutic means and the long-term operation of cultural centres are not among the foundation’s tasks.

2. Art and Mediation

this encompasses art interventions as a supportive accompaniment to independent diplomatic efforts in the context of international or national peace initiatives or mediation processes. These may be addressed to different participants, such as the peace delegations of the conflicting parties, significant opinion-makers or the general public. Depending on the particular phase of negotiations, the art interventions will be carried out in close collaboration with the intermediaries or meditation teams.

3. Research and Networking

this involves research projects and analyses of art initiatives that have already taken place in the context of conflict mediation and peace building, as well as an ongoing reflection on the projects initiated by the artasfoundation. The goal is to make existing experience accessible and bring the interested actors into contact with each other.

The results of these projects will also be presented and discussed outside of the particular project region.