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We would like to give the foundation a broad social base and invite you to participate as a friend, donor or patron for a particular project. Please contact us if you have questions or wish to offer your support in some other form.


Any contribution is welcome to us, large and small donations are valuably and helpfull, no amount is too small.


Friend of artasfoundation

With a yearly contribution of 100 SF you will be kept informed of the foundation's activities and receive invitations and free admission to its events.


Donor to artasfoundation

With a yearly contribution of 2,000 SF or more, you will receive a multiple from each project and all the publications of the foundation in addition to current information, invitations and free admission to the foundation's events.


Patron for an artasfoundation project

Support a particular art project and accompany us in the on site-realisation. If you wish, we will help you with planning your travel to the project region.


artasfoundation is recognised by the Swiss Bureau of Finance as a charitable trust: donations and contributions are tax deductible.


Please support the work of artasfoundation!

Thank you for direct payment on our account IBAN CH56 8148 7000 0412 5940 4!


Thank you for your contribution!