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CH-Mission • Geneva • Switzerland

On the 28th of June 2013 the Swiss Ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva invited the Club Diplomatique de Geneve to his residence. He had asked artasfoundation to organise a program of performance art for his event. 
Two performances were invited, each of them giving the physical body, not language, the central role in communication, thus running counter the common practice in diplomacy: the work "Feeling Red" of Monika Günther and Ruedi Schill, and the work "Ballet d'assises" of Anne Rochat. 
At the reception in the garden of the Ambassador's residence both performances were shown and followed attentively by an audience of approx. 80 persons. Subsequently they gave an occasion for numerous conversations between the artists and members of the audience, some of which experienced his art form for the first time.

Switzerland’s Permanent Representations in Geneva