Aims and Principles

The foundation's mission

  • To establish in Switzerland a centre of competence for art in the context of conflict mediation and peace building.

  • To initiate art projects in affected regions in the aftermath of wars in processes of reconstruction and democratisation, and to supplement established humanitarian work with art.

  • To make this possible functionally and financially in conjunction with partner organisations, to follow up on the projects and document them.

  • To support ongoing diplomatic peace-building mediation by independent national or private institutions with specific artistic
    initiatives at various levels of society.

  • To conduct research and analyse the existing examples and methods of art within the context of conflict mediation and peace building and to apply this research to new initiatives.

  • To set up international networks between individual initiatives for art in the context of conflict mediation and peace building and to encourage the exchange of experiences.

  • To publicly present projects of conflict mediation and peace building though art and foster dialogue outside of the conflict areas.

Guiding principles for our work

  • The foundation is non-profit. Its purpose is to provide help and opportunities for self-help: it wants to alleviate for its sponsors and partners the feeling of powerlessness in the face of violence and create the possibility for meaningful commitment. For those who are directly exposed to violence, it wants to enable experiences and encounters that will give them support in overcoming this violence.

  • In its work and cooperation with other organisations, the foundation subscribes to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The foundation has no political affiliations.

  • The foundation calls upon art of high quality in different media and from different places of origin, and provides it with the necessary space.

  • With its projects, the foundation seeks to create lasting effects by fostering cooperation between artists based in the conflict areas and artists from other countries or regions.

  • The foundation works together with highly qualified public and private institutions in the field of international peace building and endeavours to supplement their established practices and methods with contributions from the arts.

  • The foundation makes its sponsorship transparent. It ensures that its donors give their support free of political obligations and without imposing conditions on the artistic work.